Data Center

We specialize in providing strong sound solutions while removing single points of failure. Our Tier III Data Centers Are ranked in the top 10 Places to store your data in North America.

Infrastructure Design and Implementation
The Infrastructure is the foundation on which all systems and operation reside. We remove ‘Single Points of Failure’ and weaknesses that could impact your critical services long term. The design and load distribution of your LAN/WAN architecture is crucial to the stability of the production or infrastructure.

Security and Intrusion Detection Programs
With the continual increase in ‘Hacking’ and technology intrusions it is far more important than ever to have a secure network. We offer several plans to partner with you in achieving these goals.

Web Site Hosting and Management Solutions
We offer Collocation Hosting solutions within our ‘Data Center’ operations headquartered in the Chicago area. We partner with multiple backbone providers and distribute our infrastructure across the West Coast and Mid West tier providers.
  • Application Hosting
  • E-Commerce SSL Solutions
  • DNS – SMTP/POP- FTP – NNTP Services
  • Server Load Balancing Solutions.

Load Distribution
Because of the needs of our clients requiring 24x7 Uptime to critical internet services we have spent the past several years researching and testing various methods of load distribution.
  • Server Farms – Great for high traffic web usage or critical E-commerce solutions.
  • Geographic Distribution – Take your client community to the closes physical content distribution point. – For high usage and snappy performance with automatic re-routing for fiber outages or network bottleneck conditions.
  • Server Replication – We have written our own programs to distribute and replicate needed data else ware for fail over solutions or server farm balancing.